A short story by multimedia artist Jake Bourret

A journey of love and self-discovery through multi-dimensional worlds awaits you in this musical masterpiece & novel. 



Black and White Star in Circle


The Humble Warrior


The Heroin


The Lizard Man


The Dark Teacher



The Older Brother


The Therapist


The Beast


Preview what you'll get in the Digital Vinyl

Not Alone, plus 7 others, are in the album you can purchase alongside of the book.  A revised version of "Wide Awake" comes with the album as well.


Chapter 1:  Not Alone

A new romance sparks between Kastor and Alara...

Chapter 3:  Wide Awake

Kastor seeks guidances from The Therapist, Briar, after a tragic accident.  He finds what he's looking for in the most unexpected way while meeting a couple friends along the way; he harnesses his inner power to take control of his own fate.  With his newly found lust for life, he believes he can accomplish anything, but what's waiting for him isn't exactly what it seems...

Featuring Tommy Lee Capps and Jessica Falzone



A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

A Kansas City native, Jacob Bourret is a man of many passions and talents.  His love for music began at an early age, and developed into a true skill in his high school years.  During the day, Bourret is known as a successful business entrepreneur, while in the evenings, he works diligently on his first album.  Bourret pulls inspiration from his personal experiences, dreams and nightmares, to weave a delightful tale about love, power, and the journey to self-discovery.  In the songs you can pick up on a variety of influences, such as his gentle heart, his work with yoga, and the beauty of collaborating with other creatives to produce a truly unique piece of art.


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